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Jackie Bauman

Project Lead

Listen to the inaugural series of Jackie's Ocean Podcast titled, "Tracing Trash"

Project Description

Jackie’s Ocean Podcast launched in March 2024 with its first episode premiering on World Water Day! Listen now to the inaugural episode of the series titled, “Tracing Trash”. In this series, Jackie investigates the issue of plastic pollution as it eventually makes its way into the Atlantic Ocean. Each episode focuses on one part of the Atlantic Ocean Watershed. The journey begins in the Great Lakes region, then continues to the St Lawrence River, the Maritimes, and finally, Newfoundland and Labrador.  Each episode features insightful discussion with local experts about the impacts of plastic pollution. This includes how it moves throughout the environment, and what is being done to help mitigate these impacts. Throughout the interviews a spotlight is also placed on how young people can find their place in tackling environmental issues. This series shares incredible knowledge and provides significant hope for listeners.

Podcast Goals

The goal of the podcast is to reach listeners across all of eastern Canada, and beyond to raise awareness about the issue of plastic pollution and how it can be helped. Additionally, it aims to attracts the attention of young environmentalists who want to make a difference. This podcast is spreading ocean literacy across the board while being easy and accessible to listen. Above all the goal is simply to encourage listeners to feel compassionate about all life below water, and to realize their potential in improving ocean health.

What was your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge faced during this project relates to communicating its findings. Tailoring a science communication presentation to a given audience can be difficult, and in the case of this project, it was essential to alter how the findings were presented to communicate each in an effective manner so it could be understood by all.

What was your most valuable takeaway?

In a world where extreme weather weather events may be increasing in frequency and/or intensity, it is essential to understand how species respond and are impacted by such events. This project provides a great example of how aquatic fish species alter their behaviour in response to storms.

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