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Project Details

Project dates
06/07/2023  – 31/08/2023

Johannah Brockie

Project Lead

Brooke Davison


This project aims to promote conservation and species protection by raising awareness about fish species and their ecological impact. It also emphasizes the importance of centring natural spaces and species when designing infrastructure.

Project Description

The primary objective of this project is to actively engage the general public in comprehending the crucial role that fish play within the Lake Superior ecosystem, while also prompting a more profound contemplation of natural processes. Our aspiration is for the installation of an interpretive sign, which will provide information about a variety of fish and benthic invertebrate species, to cultivate a stronger bond between visitors and the waterways of the Great Lakes. This, in turn, should lead to heightened empathy and a greater appreciation for both the natural environments and the various species inhabiting them. We aim to inspire visitors to develop a deeper sense of appreciation for the region and to extend this newfound awareness to other bodies of water they may encounter, ultimately bolstering conservation efforts through increased appreciation.

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