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Project Details

Project dates
10/01/2022  – 08/03/2022

Simon Boudreault

Project Lead

I organized a Bioblitz Contest on iNaturalist. The aim was to encourage Canadians to spend some time outside looking for wildlife and saving their observations on iNaturalist. To incentivize them to do so, I added a contest component where people with the most observations, most species, and the people with the best photos would win an award.

Project Description

My hope is that the contestants of this bioblitz will keep being active on iNaturalist in the future, and therefore help collect and contribute valuable citizen science data. I’m also hopeful that they will encourage their peers to use the app.

What was your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge was encouraging people to participate. In order to do so, I shared my event on various interest groups from all over Canada with the hopes of recruiting more participants.

What was your most valuable takeaway?

I organized most aspects of the project from creating the event, determining the guidelines for the contest, judging the photo contest, promoting the event on social media, and communicating with the winners. I did most of the work by myself, so I’m very proud and happy with what I was able to accomplish. If I’m somehow able to get more funding next year, I would love to organize a similar event again.

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