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Project Details

Project dates
01/09/2023  – 13/02/2024
Hamilton Harbour, Ontario, Canada

Inaam Chattha

Project Lead

Inaam Chattha


Hamilton Harbour Education is a community-driven initiative aimed at raising awareness and promoting stewardship for the ecological health of Hamilton Harbour through educational workshops, public lectures, and collaborative partnerships.

Project Description

The Hamilton Harbour Education project was an initiative aimed at increasing awareness, understanding, and engagement surrounding environmental issues impacting Hamilton Harbour. Through a series of educational programs, community events, and outreach efforts, the project empowered individuals with knowledge about the ecological challenges facing the harbour and inspired action towards its conservation and restoration. Key components of the project include educational workshops, public lectures, interactive exhibits, and the production of educational materials such as brochures and videos. By promoting collaboration among stakeholders, including community organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions, the project aims to mobilize collective efforts towards preserving and revitalizing Hamilton Harbour for future generations. Through education and advocacy, the Hamilton Harbour Education project seeks to promote a deeper appreciation for the harbour’s ecological significance and encourage sustainable practices that contribute to its long-term health and vitality.

This project has been created in commemoration of the lives of all the victims of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, including two Ocean Bridge ambassadors, Danielle Moore and Micah Messent. We aspire to carry on their legacy and commitment to making the world a better place by creating long-lasting impacts with a firm commitment to driving positive change for the environment and our ocean. We will never forget the light that Danielle and Micah brought to the world and will continue to keep them in our hearts. To learn more about these two amazing people, please visit: Honouring Danielle and Micah  – Ocean Wise. This work is partially funded by the Commemoration Fund for Victims of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Tragedy.

What was your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was coordinating logistics for the project’s various components, including workshops, events, and documentary production. To navigate this challenge, I established clear timelines and prioritized tasks based on urgency and importance. I also delegated responsibilities effectively, relying on a team of volunteers and collaborators to share the workload. Additionally, I maintained open communication with stakeholders, regularly updating them on progress and addressing any issues that arose promptly. Flexibility was key, as unexpected obstacles often arose, requiring quick adjustments to plans and schedules.

What was your most valuable takeaway?

My most valuable takeaway from this project is the realization of the collective power of community action in driving positive change. Through collaboration, education, and advocacy, we have demonstrated that even small initiatives can have significant impacts on local environments and broader ecosystems. This project has made me realize the importance of grassroots efforts in addressing environmental challenges and has inspired me to continue working towards sustainability and conservation goals, knowing that every individual contribution matters in creating a better future for our planet.

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