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Project Details

Project dates
15/11/2023  – 14/02/2024
Delta Nature Reserve at Burns Bog, Nordel Court, Delta, BC, Canada

Rory Plunkett Boyle

Project Lead

A nature walk led by a 62 year-old veteran biologist of Burn’s Bog, an eye opening experience to the beauty and history of Urban Van’s Largest Wilderness Area.

Project Description

For my project, we took a walk on the wild side with a biologist who spent more than 62 years of his life researching and being active in the bog. The power of the bog is a connection point for many waterways and spawning grounds for salmon, and also helps regulate temperatures of the connected streams and creeks. This project helped solidify my understanding for local ecosystems and empowered my belief that we can make a difference. It also taught me the importance of clear and persistent communication, perseverance, and patience. It also empowered me to have a lot more self confidence and a much clearer vision of who I am.

What was your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge I faced during my project was the weather. We originally had a decent size group scheduled to attend, but unfortunately after two days of torrential downpour our numbers were quite small on event day at Burn’s Bog.

What was your most valuable takeaway?

We need to take action. We can show the way to other wary stewards.

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