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Clothing Swap

A project to educate and inspire the community to combat fast fashion

Project Details

Project dates
02/09/2021  – 27/02/2022
Vancouver, BC, Canada

After learning about the negative impacts of fast fashion, Steph and Charlie wanted to create a space where their community could come get clothing sustainably and learn more about the environmental impacts of the clothing industry.

Project Description

Steph and Charlie both have a love for fashion and the environment. After learning about the negative impacts of the fast fashion industry they knew they wanted to create a space where people could prevent textile waste, learn about fast fashion, and get new clothing if needed at no cost!

Their audience was mainly geared towards students to help inspire the younger generation that it’s possible to do your part even if it’s just bring a donation of clothing in return for other clothing. If we all make small steps, we can work together to better educate ourselves and gear ourselves to treat the ocean better. The event was held at Stanley Park and was available to anyone who wanted to attend. By making it a clothing swap, people did not have to pay for clothing at the event rather just swap out something they might not be wearing anymore. At the event you could there was also posters that had facts and resources surrounding fast fashion so others will be inspired to make a difference and reflect on what they purchase.

What was your biggest challenge?

One of the biggest challenges for Steph and Charlie’s project was COVID-19 restrictions. Originally, the event was to be held indoors but with a new COVID wave all of the original plans had to be changed. There was a lot of uncertainty leading up to the event as well. Questions like can this event still happen? How many people will be allowed? How do we keep everyone safe? were all asked beforehand to ensure that everyone who attended was also in a safe space. It took a lot of re-planning but they worked through it and had a successful event.

What was your most valuable takeaway?

Steph and Charlie learned that every one person can make a difference. Something as simple as a clothing swap can create conversation that will impact others decisions and inspire them to make a difference in their own lives. Seeing the end results of their project really made all of their hard work worth it. They knew that their clothing swap day made a difference in their community!

Steph's Bulletin Board

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People picking out clothing for themselves
The clothing swap.
Steph and Charlie at their clothing swap

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