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Project Details

Project dates
01/11/2023  – 15/02/2024
Montreal, QC, Canada

Elena Frie

Project Lead

Vanja Lugonjic


Climafide is an organization aimed at encouraging climate change literacy and optimism online and through a series of in-person events.

Project Description

Climafide is an organization aimed at encouraging climate change literacy and optimism in order to counteract the widespread apathy and nihilism about the future of the Earth.

In an era where social collective action is of central importance for building a sustainable future, we must provide more entry-points for people from across demographics that do not feel there is a point to engaging with climate action. For action to occur, there needs to be:

1: hope that there is a sustainable future to act toward

2: that anyone is eligible to take action on climate change.

Climafide formalizes a previous Ocean Bridge project entitled “the Climate Connect” which hosted open climate change conversation through producing and using the “Connect Deck: Climate Action,” an original conversation card deck, during in-person events.


Online, Climafide hosts:

1. basic educational resources (what is climate change at the most basic level?)

2. hopeful opinions from across the environmental industry (including academia, youth, and organizers)

3. climate action entry-point resources including in-person event organization. Over the duration of this project, we have brought together wide demographics to discuss reasons for optimism and action.


In future, we intend to continue to host in-person events with different organizations in Montreal and to continue to expand our educational resources.

What was your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge was refining our mission!

What was your most valuable takeaway?

There are a huge number of people that want to act on climate change, they are just missing an entry-point.

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