Since 1956, our researchers have been conducting original studies of habitats and animals (fish, invertebrates and mammals) in the wild and on site at the Vancouver Aquarium and other facilities in order to advance our knowledge necessary to enhance environmental conservation. Much of our research would be impossible to perform in the wild and there are few opportunities for researchers, in academic or government research departments, to access marine animals. We are in a unique position to study and observe aquatic life. View our research publications.

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Coastal Ocean Research Institute
The Coastal Ocean Research Institute systematically collects, analyzes, and publicly communicates data describing the health of coastal ecosystems on Canada’s West Coast.

Cetacean Research
We have a long tradition of research on cetaceans, including the world’s longest continuous study of killer whales.

Ocean Pollution Research Program
The Ocean Pollution Research Program is a major research initiative that conducts international-caliber scientific research on ocean pollution.

Pollution Tracker
A new monitoring program for coastal British Columbia, Canada, is helping us discover more about pollution in our waters. We are documenting the levels and trends of hundreds of contaminants of concern in mussels and nearshore ocean sediments.

The Consortium’s mission is to conduct research on the relationships between fisheries and marine mammals in the North Pacific Ocean.

Fish Research
We conduct annual population surveys for rockfish and lingcod, and are working to re-establish these depleting populations.

Howe Sound Research and Conservation
The Howe Sound Research and Conservation team conducts long-term coastal ecology, biodiversity, climate change and ocean health research.

Steller Sea Lions
The Steller sea lions in our care are participating in research designed to answer questions about diet, growth and metabolism to help save their species in the wild.

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