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Nyahoch Tut


Ocean Wise Ambassador – 2023 Ocean Bridge Cohort

“Not So Landlocked After-all” film-maker, Nyahoch Tut, is based in Calgary, Alberta. Her  love for the outdoors and movies gave her the chance to mesh the two together over the summer of 23′.

The inspiration for the film came into mind during the 8-day learning journey with her cohort in Newfoundland and Labour. With the colourful cozy homes, the breeze bellowing over the land, the rhythmic waves, activities of the locals and mountains that touch the sea. The heart of person who hadn’t had the luck to grow up by the ocean, grew stronger in desire day by day. Although very thankful for the space the Rockies have given, a new realizing, a new ideal wakened.

Alberta is one of two provinces in Canada that are landlocked. Some Albertans may not have the ocean as a subconscious idea in their day to day lives. I mean why should they “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” right? But what you may not believe is that during the spring, when the temperature rises, the Rocky Mountains glaciers begin to melt. The water trickles down the mountain and creates major river streams across the province. We’ll only focus on two particular river streams for now. As you may already know, the water has to somewhere!! So where are they travelling? They cover a large range amount of land, crossing over provinces and finally exiting out of the Arctic ocean and Atlantic Ocean sending out masses of freshwater. Yup! Two different directions, two different locations and two different oceans! Which ties in the title, not so landlocked afterall.

Do you have the following questions: How does Alberta impact the Ocean? Is climate change also effecting this process? What more can I learn about glaciology and runoff? If so, you’ll need to watch the film. The anticipated film is coming soon….

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