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Laurent Righetti


Ocean Wise Staff – 2023 Ocean Bridge Cohort

Laurent is a marine biologist focused on conserving and restoring ocean biodiversity at varying scales, whether it be coastal or deep sea, local or global, and through a bottom-up or top-down approach. He recently finished his Master of Science degree in Marine Science and Climate Change at the University of Gibraltar, after having finished his undergraduate studies in Biological Sciences at Durham University. Laurent is passionate in making people aware of the richness and importance of oceanic species which are often overlooked, such as sea pen corals, and of the role individuals play in the current destruction and restoration of the ocean‘s biodiversity. He has taught others as a Senior Patrol Leader for the Boy Scouts of America and as a Substitute Teacher at the American School of the Hague, and wishes to make others as passionate for the (marine) environment as he is.

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