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Joachim Zens

Burnaby, BC

Ocean Wise Staff Eco-Action Accelerator Cohort

A bit about me:

I’m originally from Austria but grew up in China and Germany for most of my life. I graduated from a double major in Environmental Sustainability and International Relations at UBC in 2022, and since then have been starting out my career in the sustainability field.

What gets me out of bed in morning?

In my  free time, I can often be found hiking, skiing, backpacking, photographing and cooking, so those are some of the things I think about in the morning that get me excited for the week ahead.

A fun fact about me:

I once almost ran into the web of a Huntsman Spider on a night walk through the rainforest around Cairns in North Eastern Australia, and it had thousands of tiny baby spiders crawling around in it – very glad I saw that web at the last second.

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