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Jesse Gruneau

Vancouver, BC

Ocean Wise Ambassador – 2023 Eco-Action Accelerator Cohort

A bit about me:

Growing up on the rich coast of BC helped me cultivate a deep connection and love for our outdoor spaces and the flora and fauna we find in them. From my time playing in the intertidal zone as a kid, I was always captivated by various local species, and my mind would always love coming up with crazy stories of how an ecosystem developed, or what each animal would experience in their life. I loved watching Steve Irwin on his educational adventures, and would even wrestle crocodile stuffies in my living room. This love for storytelling and adventure turned into an educational background in communications and media, trips to various countries across the globe, and more recently has led to several years working within Vancouver’s film industry. I hope to now transition to a place where I can use visual storytelling as a means for community engagement, educational outreach, and to bring crucial conservation topics to the light of public discussion and policy change.

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