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Cooper Munro-Theobald


Ocean Wise Alum – 2021 Ocean Bridge Cohort

A bit about me:

If you get to know me, you’ll hear a recurring theme: I have a terrible time recalling any specific memories of my childhood, but I am blessed with an overall sense of all the time I spent playing in the water as a child. So for me, there’s no earliest or most influential memory of the ocean, just a sense of peace and belonging anytime I am near, on or preferably swimming in the water.

I am excited to be a part of Ocean Bridge because I love the ocean, but I have never felt particularly knowledgable about it. I’m really looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding of such a large source of joy for me (the water!) and finding ways to share that with others. 🙂

What gets me up in the morning?

These days, having big (post-pandemic) dreams is what gets me up in the morning. Right now I’ve got my sights on learning to surf and sail, in hopes of one day working abroad as a surfing instructor and a yacht captain. They’re both activities I’m so privileged to have opportunities to get involved in close to home (a.k.a pandemic permitted), so feeling as if I am progressing towards some big goals is definitely keeping me sane right now. Other things that get me up in the morning: knowing I’ll get to skateboard if it’s dry and being able to look at all the different configurations of the sky (and the moon if i’m lucky!).

Something random about me: 

I took a gap year in the middle of my undergraduate degree and although I did return to my studies in January, I have no idea if I’ll even finish the degree. If you want to talk about being confused about education, come my way!

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