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Amy Williams


Ocean Wise Alum – 2021 Ocean Bridge Cohort

A bit about me:

An ocean-related issue close to my heart is reducing use of plastics, through education and sustainable living. Recently I have been learning more about microplastics and their effects on ocean life. My earliest memory of the ocean is catching capelin in buckets on the beach during rolling season. I’m excited to be a part of Ocean Bridge because I am passionate about environment conservation and can’t wait to work with other youth to tackle this issue for a better future!

What gets me up in the morning:

My dog Mya, nature walks, research, and getting to work to improve services and end the stigma surrounding mental health and disability! I enjoy creating art, learning new things, gardening, and hiking especially on the east coast trails!

My favourite marine animals:

Exocoetidae fish because they can fly!

Current & Past Service Projects

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