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Ocean Lovers

Underwater, Underrated

It's time you got acquainted with some cool critters.

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Sketching Sculpins

To Danny Kent, these often overlooked fish are anything but boring.

Meet the Lumpsucker

The lumpsucker looks like a golf ball with wings, making it a fish-nerd favourite.

Meet the Garden Eel

Garden eels live in one burrow for life, only moving closer to spawn.

Meet the Grunt Sculpin

This pig-nosed fish is camera-shy, prone to hiding out in barnacle shells.

Neil Fisher

Meet the Tubesnout

They're not the best swimmers, but these fish can pull off cool stunts.

Neil Fisher

Visit Vancouver Aquarium

Discover 1000s of animals at Vancouver Aquarium, an Ocean Wise initiative.

Your friends should be friends with the lumpsucker, too.

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