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In The Field

Underwater Arctic

Meet the teams diving in places where no human has dived before — and discover why they're doing it.

Jeremy Heywood
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Diving for Data

Beneath freezing Arctic waters, divers document the marine life of a rapidly changing ecosystem.

Danny Kent

Under the Ice

A rare glimpse of beautiful Arctic animals found beneath the sea ice.

Jeremy Heywood
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Jeremy Heywood

A ribbon worm of the phylum Nemertea makes its way along a frond of Fucus seaweed.

Jeremy Heywood

A Buccinum snail hunts for prey on the sea floor. Its long siphon and two eye stalks are visible.

Jeremy Heywood

Look closely at this lion’s mane jelly (Cyanea capillata) bell, and spot the hitchhiking hyperiid amphipods (Themisto abyssorum).

Jeremy Heywood

Alcyonium is a beautiful and delicate species of soft coral that is found in the deep cold waters of the Arctic Ocean.

Jeremy Heywood

This pink stubby anemone looks similar to southern species, like the Urticina anemones.

Jeremy Heywood
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