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Are You Afraid of the Deep?

This Halloween, discover the scary side of our amazing oceans.

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Creepy Ocean Creatures

Tongue-draining parasites, zombie sea stars and more.

Here's How: Plastic-Free Glitter

Think glitter isn't scary? Think again. It's a microplastic that pollutes our oceans. Keep it green.

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Ghost Gear

In the ocean, ghosts are real and their effects are haunting.

Be Seafood Smart

Keep our oceans healthy and flourishing: always make sustainable choices.

Photo: Meighan Makarchuk

Have a Happy Halloween

Christian Gloor

Share this or be haunted by the Moray eel.


Mix together:
1/2 cup sugar
8-10 drops of food colouring

Pour onto aluminum foil trough
Bake for 8 minutes at 250°F/120°C (check to make sure sugar isn’t melting).
Store in reused glass jar
Stick to skin using clear lip gloss

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Make like a dolphin & flip

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