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Ocean Lovers

Ocean Champions: Into The Unknown

More people have visited the moon than some of the places Jill Heinerth has dived.

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"I am a cave-diving explorer."

I've never been bored a moment in my life.

"I really get joy from being in the water."

Gravity does not love me, but when I'm underwater I just feel so free.

"Yeah, I'm scared!"

I'm scared of diving with people who aren't scared.

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"Water has no boundaries."

Everything we do on the surface of the earth is going to return to us to drink.

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"To future generations: I'm sorry."

We are trying to catch up with new ways to save our water planet. I just hope we've been successful.

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"Fear is something to embrace."

That tingling awareness of fear on the back of your neck means that you care about the outcome.

"Our time is short on this planet."

I want to live fully.


"Kids give me hope."

So many kids today are wide awake and understand the big responsibility ahead.

"If they love it, they will protect it."

Perhaps that's the best legacy I can leave from my exploration work.

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