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Best of Ocean Wise 2017

Rescued sea otters, DIY tutorials, Ocean Kitchen & more. Revisit the most popular stories.

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Meet Hardy

Vancouver Aquarium's newest rescue otter is OTTER-ly adorable.

Here's How: Plastic-Free Food Wrap

Make your own with fabric scraps.

How Do Sharks Rule the Ocean?

They have a very particular set of skills.

Ocean Kitchen: Kelp

Sustainable and delicious, Ocean Wise Executive Chef Ned Bell cooks with kelp.

Just Do One Thing

Ask for trap-caught shrimp or prawns.

Ecosystem Invaded

What happens to microplastics in the ocean?

Science, Meet Tradition

How youth are bridging the gap between scientific and traditional knowledge in a changing Arctic.

The Enigmatic Shark

Huge ancient shadows that dwell in deep, dark Arctic waters — discover the elusive Greenland Shark.

Invasive Species in 60 Seconds

What makes a species invasive? Find out in under a minute.

1... 2... 3... Swim

After months of rehabilitation, it's time for these seals to return to the wild.

Baby Jellies

Jellyfish reproduction is all kinds of cool.

Reef of Glass

Thought to be extinct, these rediscovered reefs are on the edge of immortality.

Photo: Adam Taylor

Day in the Life…

What's life like when caring for sea otters is your actual job?

Killer Whale Culture

Belly rubbing, orgies, family dialects and more; orca family ties are stronger than you might think.

Photo Credit: Ocean Wise and NOAA

Host Your Own Shoreline Cleanup

Step one: get outside.

Go with the Flow

Zen out with this jellyfish meditation

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