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Project Details

Project dates
01/11/2023  – 29/02/2024
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Marina Cuselli

Project Lead

Lindsee Clark


A children's book about coastal restoration!

Project Description

Iggy and Petie Save the Coast is an engaging children’s book about coastal restoration and the importance of caring for the environment around you. Following a humpback whale, Iggy, and her puffin friend, Petie, this book highlights coastal restoration work that is being performed in NL every summer. From the deep sea to coastal flower meadows, children will learn the importance of conservation, healthy ecosystems and the power of friendship.

This project was translated into French and Wəlastəkwey, and donated to the Kehkimin Wolastoqey language immersion school in New Brunswick as well as the Gaia Project to be distributed to school children around New Brunswick.

What was your biggest challenge?

The time restriction was the hardest challenge. This project had a large scope to be completed in about 3.5 months due to our schedules. In this time, we had to find an illustrator, translator, book printer, and figure out how write and lay the book out ourselves. It was a lot of pressure, especially while both of us were working full time! This 3.5 months also included December which is a really hard month to get responses back from people and organizations! But we did it!

What was your most valuable takeaway?

The importance of informing yourself on what research is going on around you. This book helped both my co-author, Marina, and I to flex our science communication muscles. Both of our fields of research in terrestrial and aquatic restoration and stewardship can be complicated topics.

Writing this book allowed us to break down very complicated topics into bite-sized child-friendly pieces of knowledge. In order to communicate science effectively, this is a very important skill to nourish and develop.

We also learned about budgeting properly, communicating with each other clearly and concisely, and the importance of research going on in your community. This has bridged the gap between two siloed research labs at Memorial University and will hopefully foster more teamwork in the future.

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