Ocean Wise public programs offers participants opportunities to further their knowledge and explore their curiosity of the ocean directly with ocean experts and moves participants along the conservation continuum.

The keystone program is the Aquatic Cafe, where conversations about the ocean take place. Participants watch a feature film and meet experts-like biologists, photographers, filmmakers, explorers, athletes and chefs-to learn more about our ocean and explore some of the relevant issues of our time. Aquatic Cafe is hosted by aquariums, universities, science centers and museums across the country and builds a constituency for the ocean by meeting people where they work, live and play.

Public Programs also connects Ocean Wise with other networks to collaborate on programs, like Bioblitz Canada 1 SO, where participants and experts explore nature together and contribute to the global nature movement.

Public Programs often include a digital component allowing people from anywhere in the world to learn about our oceans, research and conservation programs.