Ocean Wise Life

Ocean Wise Life

Making sustainable choices is one way to help ensure our oceans are healthy and flourishing. As one of our national programs, Ocean Wise Life encompasses ocean-friendly options for your everyday life. With the success of Ocean Wise Life already applied to sustainable seafood, the program now extends to other consumer lifestyle choices, including events.

Our Partners

Ocean Wise Life partners are organizations that are using the latest scientific research to inform the products and services they offer and provide sustainable choices to their audience. We’re expanding our Ocean Wise Life program with SKOOKUM Festival, in partnership with BRANDLIVE.

Ocean Wise Life Event Criteria

Joining the program is part of a journey and our partners are on a path of continuous improvement. To get started, Ocean Wise Life event partner should meet several criteria to help minimize impact on our oceans:

1. Single Use Plastic

Single-use plastics are a major contributor to the plastic problem. Organizers must eliminate or substitute any plastic items that are considered single-use, including straws, lids, bags, water bottles and styrofoam. Any tableware for onsite must be reusable, and takeout containers should be compostable, recyclable, reusable or guests should be encouraged to bring their own.

2. Waste

The event must have onsite recycling and composting receptacles, and contract a waste hauler and processor that has the ability to compost and recycle all wastes. There should be materials to educate event-goers about the waste bins. After the event, the venue should be left in good or better condition.

3. Cleaning

Cleaning products can enter our waterways and pose a threat to ecosystems and animals that may ingest them. Cleaning products should be green-certified, e.g. Green Seal, Eco-Logo, or comparable.

4. Seafood

Overfishing is one of the greatest threats our oceans face today. Any seafood onsite must meet the Ocean Wise sustainable seafood program criteria.

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5. Education

Event-goers will have an opportunity to learn about the choices they make in their everyday lives and how to make a difference even further by taking the Ocean Wise #BePlasticWise pledge.
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6. Reporting

After the event, partners fill out a report card about the sustainable choices they made and offered to their attendees.

We also encourage Ocean Wise Life event partners to complete a Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup® as part of their event as a way to get hands-on with their commitment to sustainability and reduce waste entering our oceans.

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Join Ocean Wise Life

Are you interested in becoming an Ocean Wise Life partner? We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at [email protected] to connect.

Media contact: Lisa Englehart | 604-659-3520 | [email protected]