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Online Learning is an interactive environment that furthers understanding and connections to the ocean at We engage thousands of individuals, helping participants understand ocean literacy by integrating digital resources and user generated content within carefully structured curriculum. The program creates opportunities for students and educators to learn in an authentic, multilingual, social context with their peers throughout the digital world.

Program content connects to Ocean Wise® direct action and research initiatives and advances participants along the conservation continuum.

Online Learning Programs

Multilingual Learning Platforms

Web resources, quizzes, videos and badges designed to support educators and help develop an understanding of how humans impact the ocean and how the ocean influences us. Available for elementary, middle and secondary schools.

Social Learning

Our video conferencing and online portals provide a platform for global student conversations on conservation of ocean and aquatic envirenments. Learning from and with each other, we create a forum for meaningful discussion and dialogue.

Virtual Visits

These video conferences enable student-driven experiences with aquarium habitats, live animals, visual props and specimen dissections.

“It was fascinating and I could see that the kids were enthralled. I haven’t seen a class yet so engaged and inquisitive.”

– Connected North Participant