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Multi-sensory workshops

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Curriculum Programs deliver multi-sensory workshops to students of all ages. We engage over 20.000 students per year in inquiry-based learning, led by a group of professional educators and biologists.

Our content connects to the Ocean Wise® direct action and research initiatives and advance participants along the conservation continuum. Our programs are aligned with the British Columbia provincial curriculum.

Curriculum Programs

Aquaquest Learning Labs & Classrooms

These workshops advance ocean literacy with students. They create an appreciation of ocean health, as well as personal connections with marine life and their ecosystems.

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Vancouver Aquarium Experience

Guided tours through the aquarium connect students to global ecosystems and establish a sense of place in their communities.

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Coastal Ecosystems

These are outdoor, hands-on introduction to the skills and tools that marine scientists use on a daily basis. Students explore how scientific investigation can play a major role in preserving marine life, and how our actions have an impact on the world around us.

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“We are starting inquiry projects next week that study our global impact… particularly the ocean. And it all started from that field trip to the Aquarium!”

– Teacher, Maillard Middle School