Ocean Wise® Appoints Dr. Jake Veasey As Vice-President Of Operations And Managing Director Of The Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver, B.C. — Ocean Wise® is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Jake Veasey to the role of vice-president, operations and managing director of the Vancouver Aquarium®.

“Dr. Veasey brings a unique combination of academic expertise and practical experience in animal welfare and conservation sciences as well as a breadth of experience that ranges from policy development to organizational management,” said Clint Wright, Ocean Wise’s executive vice-president and chief operating officer, aquariums. “We are pleased to have Dr. Veasey join our team to further strengthen our animal welfare and conservation capabilities and set best practices in animal care, research and the management of the Vancouver Aquarium in the coming years.”

Dr. Veasey is one of the world’s leading experts in the welfare of wild animals in human care and has played a major role in shaping animal welfare and conservation practices in the zoo community. Hailing from the United Kingdom, he has two decades of leadership experience in the zoological management sector, having held executive positions specializing in animal welfare, conservation, research and facility management in Europe and Canada. Dr. Veasey is a long-standing member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and most recently has been working with governments and non-governmental organizations on conservation and animal welfare policy as well as facility development in Europe and Asia.

“The Vancouver Aquarium is a well-respected institution within the aquarium and zoo community,” said Dr. Veasey. “In just days, it’s remarkably clear to me that the Vancouver Aquarium and the entire Ocean Wise team – from husbandry to visitor experience to exhibit design – is passionate about the well-being of the animals in our care as well as about ocean conservation worldwide. My intention is to work with the team to build on our strengths and establish innovative strategies to enhance not only animal care practices but also the way we connect our visitors to our oceans and ocean conservation issues. The goal is for the Vancouver Aquarium to become a global centre of excellence that sets the standard for animal welfare allowing our industry to be in the best position to ensure the survival of species and ecosystems in nature. I’m excited and honoured to be tackling this challenge alongside this dedicated team.”

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