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At home learning with Ocean Wise. Bringing the ocean to your living room.

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Online Ocean Activity Centre & Learning Resources

Our educators and animal experts at Ocean Wise have compiled these resources for kids to learn to care for the ocean – and the animals in it – from the comfort of your living room. So dive in.

Content will be updated regularly. Check back often.

For kids aged 2-12:  Crafts & Activities Livestreamed Learning Virtual AquaClass Complete Education Kits Shoreline Cleanup Activities

For youth aged 13-18: DIY Tutorials Livestreamed Learning Complete Education Kits YouthToSea Youth Community Shoreline Cleanup Activities

For all ages: Recipe Corner Watch Animal Webcams

For teachers: Complete Education Kits Virtual AquaClass

Livestreamed Learning

Upcoming Live-Streams

Please note: you will need to register for some of these live-stream events with your name and email address, thank you.

Live-Stream Archive

Missed a live-stream? Dive into the archives!

Wet Lab Biologist Talks are available to watch online.

Exploring by the Seat of your Pants full programs are available on YouTube.

Connected North Programming available at all times on the Connected North website.

About our Live-Stream Programs

Through our two unique live-stream series, Connected North and Exploring by the Sea of your Pants, we broadcast live events to tens of thousands of students each month and bring the ocean into your living room and classrooms.

Before or after each live presentation, families and educators can join the Ocean Literacy Online Learning Environment to find out more, ask questions on our discussion boards, and earn digital badges to help celebrate and share learning outcomes.

For tips on how to register visit our Online Learning Environment FAQ or watch our helpful video

Virtual AquaClass

Your own private video session (with the option to include your friends)

NEW! Looking for something more personal than our public live-streamed learning events? During the extended break, we’ve opened up our Virtual AquaClass program – normally reserved for schools –  for parents to book privately for their kids (or for multiple families, each from their own living room). Each 45-minute Virtual AquaClass session allows your kids to meet online with an Ocean Wise Educator to dive deeper into learning topics like “Careers in Conservation,” “Reptiles and Amphibians” and more. Programs include an interactive presentation, multi-media visuals, and Q&A time between kids and our educators and experts. Ask us how to include multiple families in your Private Virtual Aquaclass – each family from the comfort of their own home.

Find more information and booking details on our Virtual AquaClass website. If you have any questions please email us.

Proceeds from your Virtual AquaClass support the work of Ocean Wise Conservation Association.

Ocean-Friendly Tutorials

Keep busy with these fun and eco-friendly #selfcare and green gifting tutorials.

Tinted Lip Balm Tutorial

Kelp Face Mask Tutorial

Plastic-Free Glitter Tutorial

Body Scrub Tutorial

DIY Body Lotion Bar

DIY Gift Wrap

Colouring Sheets, Crafts and Activities

Grab the crayons and open the craft closet, it’s time to dive into these fun ocean inspired activities. Looking for more activities? Discover more here!

Colouring Sheets

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Crafts and Activities

Learn More (updated weekly!)

Recipe Corner

Time to feed your Little Piranhas. More time together means more learning in the kitchen for kids, take the time to teach them why home made granola bars are a big win for our planet and why sustainable seafood makes an ocean of difference.

Plastic free granola bars

Shrimp chowder

Kelp scones

Full curriculum educational kits

Ocean Wise has combined our expert knowledge in ocean science, our ongoing research, and passion for the ocean to bring you Ocean Literacy Courses. These interactive and comprehensive online classrooms are perfect for educators and students to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the ocean.

Ocean Literacy

Ocean literacy is the understanding of the ocean and our relationship with it.

Learn more

Ocean Plastics Education Kit

Plastic is everywhere in our oceans, we want to help change that.

Learn more

Sustainable Seafood Education Kit

As the global population continues to grow, the need for sustainable and healthy protein sources is key and seafood will play an important role.

Learn more

Web Cams

Your window into the Vancouver Aquarium. Watch sea otters eat and play, penguins waddle, and jellies float peacefully by from the comfort of your own home.

Otter Cam

Watch Now

Jelly Cam

Watch Now

Penguin Cam

Watch Now

YouthToSea Leadership Program

Youth Leadership Community

Our youth programs and initiatives create space for the next generation of environmental leaders to be supported and inspired.

Learn More

Shoreline Cleanup Online Activities

Our Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup program is bringing the shoreline to you. Our team has compiled fun activities for kids (and adults!) Learn about the impacts of plastic debris and other forms of litter and engage in ways you can help keep our ocean and fresh waters healthy.

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